SEEDS: The Milkweed Story

Vivian Kirkfield’s annual 50 precious words contest inspired me to write this 33-word story about the life cycle of a milkweed plant. Illustrator notes are not allowed for this contest, but I envision this story as a board book with a boy and his dog playing throughout the seasons of the year–jumping in a pile of fall leaves, building a snowman, splashing in spring rains, and running through a field of milkweed flowers. A rough sketch idea of these characters are included above. And of course the illustrations would include the lifecycle of the monarch butterfly that depends so much on this plant for its survival. So here’s my entry about a milkweed plant from seed to flower and back to seed again. Click here to read more story entries on Vivian’s blog.



scatter in the breeze,




float to the ground,




sprout under the sun,




Flowers fade with time,




seeds in the breeze.

Published by Cheryl Pilgrim

I am a writer/illustrator. My debut author/illustrator book is Big and Little: A Story of Opposites. (Holiday House, 2019) My Illustrated books are The Littlest Voyageur by Margi Preus (Holiday House, 2010) and Hound Dawg by Patricia Vermillion (TCU Press).

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